Our Company

Mexsig Inc. is a boutique-style Project Management practice based in Calgary providing highly-personalized service to our clients. We serve clients throughout Southern Alberta and oilsands regions in multiple market sectors. We pride ourselves in delivering highly customized Project Management solutions for our clients’ construction needs.

Our company provides project management and advisory services geared towards the full construction cycle. Some of our services include: proforma development, feasibility studies, project structuring and development, project monitoring, advisory services, full project delivery, handover and move-in coordination.

We serve clients in the following sectors:

  • Institutional (schools and universities)
  • Commercial developments
  • Office towers
  • Recreation
  • Non-profit
  • Research
  • Oil sands
  • Refining
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure

In addition, through our multiple connections and service agreements with other leading service providers, we are able to provide an integrated team for delivery of multiple ancillary services, such as: cost consulting, leasing market research, organizational change management, project management best practices, customized solutions, and other specialty consulting as required by our clients.

Our Focus

Construction projects are only successful if they help the Owner organization achieve its business goals. Whether your business is in research, retail, leasing or extracting oil, we can help your construction projects succeed. We achieve this through a two-step process designed to provide you with the comfort that your construction project is properly being looked after:

First, is understanding you as a client. We take the time to understand your business, and how the project fits within your overall business scheme. Once we understand how the project will support the business, we can manage the project in complete alignment with your interests.

Second, is developing a solution that is fit for purpose. Projects, like Owners, are unique. That is why we use our in-house knowledge, systems and experience to develop a highly tailored solution that fits the needs of the project, and by extension the business. We will maximize the integration with your existing systems and procedures. That way, our team can operate as a natural extension of your organization, with the same goals and objectives.

Our platform for success is based on the 18+ years of successful project delivery by our company founder, Sigfrido (Sig) Pacheco-Vega. As a highly sought- after professional, Sig has made valuable contributions to the success of several high profile projects in Calgary and across Canada. Sig has been involved, among others, with the Schulich School of Engineering Renovation and Expansion project for the University of Calgary, the Voyageur Upgrader and Fort Hills Mine for Suncor, Bankers Court for GWL and Brookfield, Albian Sands for Shell, as well as many others. Sig has also delivered projects for various Health Authorities in BC, Science World, and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Our Services

Owners’ needs are diverse, often requiring a broad range of services with a single point of responsibility. We are able to meet your needs through a combination of expertise that is both broad as well as deep in key areas. Our knowledge base is extensive, and it covers multiple subjects from real estate development, architecture, engineering, and construction; to investment, organizational improvement, systems thinking, and software integration. Knowledge of all these subjects enables us to provide a multi-faceted focus on your construction project. We put at your service the full gamut of tools required to make your construction project a success from a quality and financial perspective.

Following are some of the high quality services that we are able to provide:

  1. Project delivery – our main Project Management service. Acting as the owner’s representative, we manage the construction project all the way from concept to commissioning and handover of the facility. Along the way, we provide expert advice to all members of the project team, with a special focus on providing you, the owner, with the right information and recommendations that will enable you to make the right decisions for your project and your business. We can even help you plan your office move!
  2. Project advisory – there may be instances where you already have a team in place, and you want some help optimizing your project. We can provide advice on critical decisions related to the current project structure, budget, schedule, and progress on site. This way, you have someone looking exclusively after your interests, providing you with sound advice and recommendations to maximize the value earned from your investment.
  3. Feasibility studies – you may have a project in mind, and want to figure out whether it will make money, but perhaps you don’t have all the elements you need to make a decision. We can help by filling in the gaps in the overall picture, with data and expert advice from within our company, as well as through our business partners and associates. Anything from market leasing information to cost consulting and value engineering for your facility, we can either provide it for you, or help you find it.
  4. Constructability reviews – it is a well-known fact that easy-to-build facilities cost less and are easier to operate. In instances where you already have your facility designed, but you want to make sure it has been optimized for both cost and schedule, we can provide a full team of experts that will look at your design, and provide you with suggestions for how to make the construction easier. Once the design is optimized, you can go to the market for a General Contractor with the knowledge that you will get the best price for your facility.
  5. Value engineering / value management reviews – regardless of how far the project has gone into the design, we can often find ways to maximize the value you get out of the facility. Surprisingly few people realize that value in the project is established at the design stage, and it is up to construction to maintain that value during field execution.
  6. Project recovery and monitoring – projects always will have challenges. At times, the challenges can be too challenging for the existing team to manage, and they need someone with a fresh perspective to come in, evaluate the situation, and help implement a new strategy that addresses the issues effectively. We can help stabilize the schedule and contain costs, followed by a thorough review and identification of opportunities for recovery. If you engage us at the first sign of problems, we can help you recover most of the project value before it is completely eroded from the project.
  7. Project reviews – you may have a good team in place already, but you just want a “sanity check” on what the team has done to date before you commit the full funds to your project. We can help by leading an external review of the project. We don’t look only at the design, but also at how the project is structured, whether the appropriate communications and protocols/procedures are in place, and whether the estimate and schedule are realistic. We flag areas of risk and provide the appropriate recommendations to mitigate their impact.
  8. Project structuring – you could already have a design and construction team in place, but perhaps you are not sure how to lead the project, or what areas to focus on that will maximize the opportunity for success. We can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and provide you with a project structure that focuses on maximizing the use of the team strengths, while mitigating their weaknesses with the appropriate systems, processes and protocols.
  9. Systems optimization – some clients have outgrown their systems and procedures. When the existing business processes get in the way of organizational performance, we can perform an external review of these processes, and help simplify, modify or completely replace with steps that are both effective and efficient.
  10. Project controls – when you already have a great team in place, and you just need someone to look after the dollars and monitor the progress of the work. We can help by providing project controls (schedule, cost and performance measurement) that align with your processes, reporting methods and needs for accurate, up-to-date information on your portfolio of projects.
  11. Miscellaneous – we can provide many other services related to real estate development and construction. Just ask!

Our Clients

Clients often include owners who have a need for advice and are looking for a reliable service provider that will help them look after their interests. Sometimes, owners are be very sophisticated, and will look for help on a very narrow, specific area. Other times, it will be an owner, whose business is not generally related to construction, looking to acquire immediate construction expertise.

Whether they work in the oil sands business, retail, attractions or research, we enjoy working with all kinds of clients. The range of clients that we deal with is very wide, but they all have one element in common: they want their project to succeed, and know when to ask for help. When they do, we will be there for them.

Our Strengths

Strength No. 1: we always look out for our clients’ interests first.

Generally, all other strengths are subordinate to this one, but they include:

  1. Strong emphasis on effective communication at all levels: projects do not build themselves, they are built by people. Effective communication between all project participants is key to designing and building the project according to our client’s expectations. We communicate effectively with project members all the way from the VP or CEO of the project to the craft doing the field work.
  2. A highly developed sense of discipline and structure: a project is like a journey. In order to reach your destination, you need a good idea of where you are going, and how to get there. Through a highly customized chartering process, we help you and the rest of the team get on the same page in regards to expectations, objectives, strategy and methodology of execution, all with the single goal of making the project a success.
  3. Leadership: all successful projects have one thing in common – amazing leadership. The right leader will influence others towards a common goal. People will respect and follow a leader that treats them fairly, has a sense of purpose, and genuinely tries to always do what is right for everyone in the project. Our focus is precisely on placing this type of leadership in your projects to help everyone achieve superior results.
  4. Technical expertise: construction projects are complex endeavors. Hence, it is important to know about a multitude of areas, such as: architecture, engineering (mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, process), construction means and methods, scheduling, cost estimating, finance, investment, regulatory requirements, safety, logistics, quality assurance & control, reporting, etc. Our expertise, experience, and knowledge base covers all of the above and more.
  5. Past experience: often times, new projects are subject to similar constraints, risks and outcomes as previous ones. Through our past experience, we are able to replicate decisions that have proven successful in the past, as well as avoid mistakes seen in other projects. We have done projects as small as $15,000, and as large as $900+ million. In this range, we have seen a lot of lessons learned that we are ready to apply to your project.


Our company founder, Sig, is a Professional Engineer, registered in two provinces (AB and BC), a long-standing Project Management Professional, and a LEED Accredited Professional. He has a Master of Engineering in Project and Construction Management, and international experience in both Canada and Mexico.

Our company also has strong relationships and access to numerous other construction professionals, who have previous experience with engineering firms, architectural practices, General Contractors and other consultants. Our network allows us to reach for additional expertise from within a pool of professional engineers, architects, contractors, project management professionals, certified value specialists, risk specialists and more. We have over 40 people ready to work with you who are experts in their respective fields.

Construction projects are serious endeavors that require lots of time, financial resources and people. But they should also be enjoyable and provide satisfaction to everyone in the team. We at Mexsig focus on making your project experience an enjoyable and successful one.

When you have your next project in mind, give us a call and we will be happy to help you and your company maximize the earned value from your investment:

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PO Box 20321 RPO Calgary Place
Calgary AB
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e sig.pv@mexsig.ca
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